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December 10th

Whats to expect from Swim Deeps debut album? Swim deep made and impact on the UK music scene in late 2012, their debut single King City was a fresh sound to followers of new music and they quickly gained fans and respect within the UK music scene. King city gives off a modern simplistic sound with happy go lucky lyrics. The next single to be released by Swim Deep was ‘Honey’ currently their biggest hit this song really changed the minds of the listeners. ‘Honey’ seemed like a sudden change of sound for the band. Many different musical techniques are used and from these very different two tracks my mind and I’m sure many other peoples minds were confused of what to expect. This confusion was soon increased with the release of third single ‘The sea’ with similarities to ‘Sweet home Alabama’ this track traveled even further away from the original sound produced within ‘King City’. With bongos in action and organs in place I was really beginning to fall in love with Swim Deep. Big poppy tracks were coming out one by one and their sound although changing drastically every release I guess they’re just developing as artists. 

Latest release ‘She changes the weather’ is an even new look and what the band has to offer, production value has increased and experimentation I think has been in action.The album is a mystery but we’ll soon see. Will it be one big pop party or will it be a slow, mature piece of art merged into a ten track LP, who knows…

WU LYF. My orignal take on WU LYF was negative I saw their music as a drab pile of shit filled with heart attack inspired vocals and simplistic boring riffs. But soon after their split in 2012 I went back and re-listened to this band and listen to what so many people seemed to love and admire. By doing this my view completely changed on the band, with a fresh mind i began to really admire this bands music. The dynamic structures and fucking crazy drums really began to grow on me as well as lead singer Ellery Roberts vocals. Now gone their separate ways WU LYF in my view will never return in their original state. Being the mysterious men they are WU LYF didn’t leave much coverage or information about themselves behind, denying interviews and press coverage, WU LYF gained a mysteriousness about themselves, some people say the unknown of this band is what made them what they became and is why people became so interested, but in my point of view the music is what really mattered and denying press coverage is just part of the rock’n’roll nature, or should I say Heavy pop nature. WU LYF.

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April 16th
WU LYF, the mysterious ministers of modern british music. Remember them.
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April 14th
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April 14th
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February 11th
This is a 1967 Fender Jaguar in black, Fender haven’t made many re-issues of this guitar in this colour and that is a fucking travesty. The sheer beauty of this guitar is unbearable to a guitar player, the chrome metal plates places across the body of the guitar and the shit crazy tone and volume knobs just everywhere. The bridge like no other guitar design since is just beautiful, the quirkiness of the Fender Jaguar and Jazzmaster is great and the Fender Mustangs also live up to this greatness and I don’t think i will ever be able to pull myself to find any other design of guitar as amazing. This guitar will be mine someday, in this colour with that scratch plate and that fretboard and that everything. Be mine. Jaguar.
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January 27th

Haim, jesus, Haim, I dont whats wrong with me, I’ve never been this suddenly obsessed with a band. As soon as I heard ‘Forever’ shit went down and I searched these guys up on Youtube. After watching almost every interview I realised these guys are cool. Everything about them is funny and amazing, the dancing in the ‘forever’ video, the stories of growing up in a band with their mum and dad ‘RockinHaim’, how hot they are, its all just great. And of course their music, inspirations from Fleetwood Mac and MGMT, Haim have just come out of knowhere and really made a funky impact on the music scene, gaining the BBC Sound of 2013, and 4 NME awards nominations in just a few months of release. The funkiness is to a high scale and the fun is there, Haim are great and I know why I’m obsessed with them, three words, amazing, music, hot.

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January 25th

Look how bawsey @babyhaim looks.
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January 20th
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January 18th

I live a life of an ingrown apocalypse, a doomed circumstance within the spectrum of living and I find that realising the virtue within such a catastrophic life is something not to be ignored, but to be enlightened . I like Ice cream and wear glasses, but that doesn’t place me in any position to be classed as normal, neither does it anyone else within this world, and that is exactly my point.

I am writing to you for saviour, living in a world of what I deny to be neither destiny nor fate of which I find un-desirably difficult and only being at an age of the early stages of maturity I find this hard to breathe in, and my thoughts resolve around this matter, and my thoughts are indeed unwanted within this world of so called destiny or so called fate. Ignorance is a term used by the happy and interpreted by the happy, but ignorant is a word used to describe people such as myself who have come to terms with reality, that friendship isn’t a virtue and that conversations are for enjoyment and not for pointless interaction with another being you most likely don’t know, like, or care about. The nothingness inside myself when I see my  friends pass me by with no acknowledgement is something I’m proud of, but within that proudness there is quite obviously something I miss, and that is having a reason to hate someone, but I guess I’m just being arrogant by saying that. There aren’t many people within this world that I know of which I like, but within this few people are some real people. One of which I hope reads this and realises I am speaking of her.