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Meeting The Cribs for a second time, well this is a different story. Before the gig my dad tweeted the Cribs account saying my mum wasnt able to come as she was ill, somehow this managed to get a tweet back saying, 'come backstage after the gig and we'll have drinks', amazing. Entering the gig at nottingham rock city, we got given VIP stamps, we watched the gig, was sick as it was pre 'in the belly of the brazen bull'. After the gig at , we waited around a while to see if we got collected by any roadies, preferably Shippo. But we were there for over an hour and all the support bands had packed up and there was only one member of staff left in the building. We were about to leave and Shippo (the famous roadie) came onto the stage we asked him about it, and we were escorted down into the backstage area. We were taken into a room alone with The Cribs were we were played an exclusive unrecorded song,'Leather jacket love song' by Ryan, beers and jokes. This was one of the best days of my life. Leather Jacket love song was aired on the 3rd of January 2012.

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